Aesop's Fables (Grade 3)
Rationale:  Students are given the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the contributions of Aesop's Fables to cultural history.  This lesson draws upon multiple intelligences in a real world way and allows for the use of multi-media presentations.  The project is intrinsically interesting to the students and integrates reading, writing and speaking as important ways to accomplish the lesson goals.

Benchmarks:  SS.A.1.2.1, SS.A.1.2.2, SS.A.2.2.5

DI Strategy:  Complex Instruction

Differentiate What?  Process, Product, and Content

Differentiate How?  Process - students are allowed to draw upon their own intellectual strengths.  Product - will vary depending on student's interest.  Content - allows for variance in material covered by each student.

Resources Needed:  Research materials (nonfiction books, Internet access, encyclopedias, etc.) and various materials depending on the particular project

Teacher Preparation:
1. Teach a lesson on fables and interpreting their meaning.
2. Provide a list of Aesop's Fables for the class.
3. Explain the project sheet and directions to the whole class (sample attached).
4. Assign or allow students to choose work groups of 3-4 students each.

1. Students will choose a fable to present to the class.
2. Students will discuss and come to agreement on a method of presentation (story board, video, comic strip, play, TV show, etc.).  Students can change groupings according to developing interests.
3. Students will fill out project sheet listing their fable, plan to present it, materials needed, meaning of the moral of their fable and some background information on Aesop.
4. After teacher approves plan, students may begin working in their groups on their final project.

Teacher Role: The teacher will circulate and provide assistance as needed to groups.  Teacher will also review each preliminary project idea prior to allowing students to complete final project.

Duration:  One week of thirty minute periods and a week of presentations.
Assessment:  Rubric (sample attached)

Jason Cooper and Trish Kilcoyne
Hawks Rise Elementary

Editor's Note: You can video tape the presentations and play them on a morning news show or have students perform/present their final project to another class.

Aesop's Fables Project Sheet

Name:_________________________   Date:_________________________

Group Members:____________________________________________________

Name of Fable:_____________________________________________________

Plan to present to class:

Materials Needed:___________________________________________________

Moral of fable in your own words:______________________________________


Background Information on Aesop (must include at least 3-5 facts):

Grading Rubric

Project Sheet:

 ____ Completed
 ____ Neat
 ____ Clear and organized plan


 ____ Creative
 ____ Informative
 ____ Based on the fable
 ____ Gave the moral of the fable
 ____ Group participation

Information on Aesop:

 ____ Accurate
 ____ At least three facts about Aesop
 ____ Beginning, middle and end

Final Grade:

 A = At least 10 out of 11 criteria met

 B = At least  9 out of 11 criteria met

 C = At least 8 out of 11 criteria met