Leon County Teachers' Lessons
Elementary Grades
In a differentiated classroom, a teacher must know his/her students through both formal and informal assessment prior to presenting a new concept or unit of study.  Therefore these lessons and units are merely guides for teachers.  Through ongoing assessment, teachers will need to appropriately modify activities to meet their students' needs. Teachers will also need to modify rubrics and grading scales according to their students.
Reading/Language Arts
Aesop's Fables (Gr.3)
Book Reporting Ideas (Gr.1-3)
Literature Study Contracts (Gr.3-5)
Quilt Squares (Literature Reporting for Gr. 4-5)
Reader  R.E.A.C.T.I.O.N. (Gr.3-12)
Sense Poems (Gr. 4)
Spelling Compacting (Gr. 3-5)
Poetry Writing (Gr. 4-8)
Spelling Strategies (Gr. 3-5)
Vocabulary Development
Coins (K-2)
Curriculum Compacting (Gr. 3-5)
Measurement & Cooking (K-2)
Measurement (Gr. 3-5)
Multiplication Compacting (Gr. 3-5)
Mathematicians Research Projects (Gr. 4-8)
Social Studies
Airplane Design (Gr.4-5)
Ecology Scavenger Hunt (Gr. 4-5)
Habitat Dioramas (Gr.3)
Invention in a Bag (Gr. 3-5)
Living and Non-living things (Gr.1)
Machines - simple & complex (Gr. 3)
Aesop's Fables (Gr.3)
African Americans (Gr. 2-5)
Civil War (Gr. 4)
European Explorers in Florida (Gr. 4)
Middle Ages Writing Journals (Gr.3-5)
Multicultural Holidays (Gr.4-8)
Olympic Games (Gr. 4)
Presidents (Gr. 4)
Wars and Conflicts (Gr. 4-5)
Other Ideas 
Note: The Other Ideas activities vary in levels of differentiation.  Some merely provide a frame of reference for teachers to use with individual or groups of students, while other activities will hopefully trigger teachers' creative juices and be stepping stones to differentiating in their classrroms.
Anchoring Ideas (k-5)
Food Pyramid (Gr. 4-12)
MEBA Math (Gr. K-1)
Middle Ages Timeline (Gr. 3-5)
Million Dollar Math Project (Gr. 4-6)
Plus, Minus, Interesting (K-12)
Reading (Gr.K-5)
Women's History (Gr.4-12)
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Differentiated Instruction Lesson Template